Conceptual Change

Destination Central feat Christopher Cody is one of the premier Indie groups with the legendary Dream-Seeker Records label. however Conceptual Change was produced and released by Rampart Records, Los Angeles, California.  From the very first note of the new album entitled Conceptual Change you can hear the driving sound of passion and rhythmic force.   Their songs wonder through corridors of rock, pop, dance and big-band fundamentals. 

The music cries out as portraits of unvarnished truth at frequencies designed to tune in the soul.  In rural Kansas City where the plains meet the rolling hills their is a music scene that has generated a micro-climate that has spawned the creation of Destination Central feat Christopher Cody.  For a moment imagine combining a killer jazz, funk dance band and then add a legendary singer, performer song writer such as Christopher Cody and thats what you get in the new album Conceptual Change.

Their latest single "Stuck" is another phoenix rising from the fire of musical passion to create change.   Published by Rampart Records, this sizzling track is a result of the love from a life past reappearing is this one  high energy gritty presentation.  With gritty strong vocals, and mellifluous muses from 30 years of lifetime trials of both successes and failures.  

With the efforts of studio artists such as Andrew Smooth Love, (Robert Cray Band), Willie Hall (The Blues Brothers)  and Dave Swights (from Journey) this album is destined to sizzle.  Jointly produced by Christopher Cody and Paul Zaleski (Al Green) the sounds of blue eyed soul and Kansas City Jazz come streaming through with the sweet soul of love and creation. 

In 2015, Cody wrote the song "If Somebody Loves You", stimulated by his soul mate Debra B. .  In truth, Love is a part of life and a part of living and should be celebrated.  It's been a Long and Winding Road of covering over 30 years of experience but this experience is what has made Christopher Cody a true spiritualist when it comes to his music.    Indeed a flammable song writer, who delivers, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Jazz and even classical undertones to his music, with a timeless latin flair.

When we focus on delivering the truth in life the result is the creation goodness, the righteousness of Love and Sorrow joined together to illuminate the soul.   Thus the creation of the new album by Destination Central feat. Christopher Cody, " CONCEPTUAL CHANGE , published by Rampart Records, LA, CA. 


If you believe in Love, if you believe in life, believe in Conceptual Change.   

Los Angeles, California
Memphis Horns
Memphis Horns recording at Ardent Recording Studio with Cody for the Through the Night and If Somebody Loves You album.
Christopher Cody
Christopher Cody nominated as Man of the Year, Romantic Times Magazine 1999
Christopher Cody
Christopher Cody while recording at Al Green Studio in Memphis Tennessee
Willie Hall
Willie Hall was formally the drummer with the Blues Brother and performed with Cody on four different albums, including the Billboard and Cashbox hit single "Through The Night"
Eddie Davis and Cody
Eddie Davis president of Rampart Records, Erica Harmon SVP of Arista and Cody and New Music Seminar for release of Through the Night album and Stuck Between a Rock and A Hard Place video.
Andrew "Smooth" Love
Andrew "Smooth" Love Sax player for the Memphis Horns and the Robert Cray band. A truly gifted player who played with CC on multiple albums and on the road.
Christopher Cody
At the New Music Seminar in New York City, 2008, CC headlined a show at the Roxy prior to joining Destination Central
Destination Central Horns
Destination Central Horn section performing at the Orpheum Theater at the Praise Nation Concert with Christopher Cody
Love Sisters
Picture of the Love Sisters, Memphis Tennessee. Recording Christopher Cody's album Say It Out Loud, Ardent Recording Studio "B"
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Christoper Cody
Christopher Cody performing at the Praise Nation concert at the Orpheum Theatre, Wichita, Kansas
Destination Central Live Show
Shown here is the stage layout for the Destination Central live show
Praise Nation concert 2016
Destination Central with Christopher Cody performing at the Praise Nation Concert for a Benefit Concert for His Helping Hands
Christopher Cody / Cleveland McBeth
Cleveland McBeth President of Village Records a division of Arista records and Christopher Cody at Ardent Recording Studio shaking hands after signing contract with Christopher Cody for Cody's third Album
Nate Boone, Trumpet
Picture of Nate Boone at the Recording of Christopher Cody's "Say It Out Loud" video.
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood
Foggy Pier
Cafe in Autumn
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