"He favors a school of post-pop clarity - plunging  assertive but governed by a rational cool" 

New York Times, January 2015

Christopher Cody

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Christopher Cody, Sizzles and Perculates - The Premier Entertainer/

composer / arranger/ producer is a multi-talented force whose fiery blasts and sweet distinctive sound carries his performance into a musical space that defies categorization.  There's a gritty soul and compassion that emphatically captures his California roots on his most recent album "Conceptual Change" as a performer and a band leader Cody is exceptually confident in his abilities and presence.on stage. 

“Destination Central featuring Christopher Cody e is one of my all-time favorite bands. One of the most honest group of musicians I've come across.They play from the heart, coming from such a rich musical family tree.” Roy Hargrove - Grammy Award winning trumpeter

Missing You - Destination Central feat. Christopher Cody
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