Before his 19th birthday, C.C. had signed with Rampart Records of L.A., releasing a single called “Through the Night” under the pseudonym Brock” Ambitious and now bitten by the music industry bug, By 21 years old Christopher lived on and off in L.A. and New York City, making the record company and publisher’s rounds, finally ending up at the foot of the Gates of Leonard Korobkins Beverly Hills office (renowned music attorney for Chaka Kahn) in Hollywood three years later. With C.C, down to his last five-dollar bill, made one last ditch effort to get signed before having to trek back to Santa Clara. Early one morning, Cody headed out to the offices of Leonard Korobkin where he  waited outside the gates for any sign of Leonard Korobkin or company co-owner Herb Alpert. As Korobkin was walking through the parking lot hours later, C.C. ran past the gates, racing by a startled and furious security guard, and before he could be accosted he begged a slightly apprehensive Korobkin for a chance to audition. Acting on a hunch, (and much to the guard’s annoyance) Korobkin was sympathetic, telling the young hopeful to return later that afternoon. At that point Christopher proceeded to play songs on his acoustic guitar he had recently written, including “Stuck, Only Children Survive”, “Lady”, “Expressway”, and ,”Heart in My Sails”—songs that would end up on the six albums Cody would eventually record for Rampart Records between 1978 and 1985. That very day, Cody was welcomed as a new member of the Oakland Bay area musical family.

Previous Albums

In 2015 Christopher Cody built the Praise Nation Band.  It was his attempt to Praise God and to deliver an uplifting message to his fans around the world.  The performance consisted of a large production band with choir singers and a strong horn section, called the CCA Players.


Christopher first performed for the Central Christian Church where he was a member of the Worship Team, presenting a show at the renowned Orpheum Theatre located in downtown Wichita, Kansas.  This show was for the benefit of His Helping Hands a rescue organization for the homeless and for battered women. 


Four of the songs on this album were written by Christopher Cody, arranged by Christopher Cody and Nate Boone .  The show produced a donation of over $10,000 dollars

Praise Nation Singers, CCA Worship Team
Christopher Cody with Eddie Davis, President of Rampart Records